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01 October 2011

UN SD 2012 Policy Unchanged

Though a lot of party debate, the policy on the national exam (UN) in 2012 will not change. Head Balitbang Kemdiknas, Khairil Anwar said UN policy (both UN elementary, high school, vocational school, and junior) will not change and there has been no direction from the minister to make changes to UN policy.

"The policy of the UN as a determinant of graduation will not change with the portion of 60:40, but technically will continue to be refined and we will also examine questions regarding the difficulty level, distribution and its security," said Khairil, in Jakarta on Friday (23/09/2011).

However, to ensure the quality of the UN in order to increase the quality every year, the National Research and Development of the Ministry of National Education (Balitbang Kemdiknas) in collaboration with National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) held a national workshop with the theme "Implementation of the National Examination Management 2012: Improved Quality, Acceptability, National Examination and Credibility ".

This national workshop held in Bogor for three days, 23-25 ​​September 2011, and attended by all relevant parties, such as the Head of Education in Indonesia, representatives of teachers, school committee, board of education and so forth.

"This workshop is a discussion forum for the formulation of the UN better. Since the UN itself received support diverse party," said Deputy Minister of National Education Fasli Jalal, when opening the workshop on Friday (09/23/2011) at Kemdiknas Head Office, Jakarta .

Fasli menjaskan, in this workshop, in particular the evaluation will be discussed on the previous examination, improving organization, management, and implementation mechanisms of the UN next year.

"This is to get the exam results of qualified, credible and acceptable. Also able to increase the honesty," said Fasli.


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