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Thanks be to God praise that Exercise Problem UASBN SD / MI Package II we publish. All of UASBN lesson that you can already see (Math, Indonesia Language, and IPA, please enter here go to Prediksi Soal UASBN 2011, 5 Packages and please download Kisi-kisi UN 2011 here and POS UN SD 2011

30 March 2010


Индонезия школы Москвы (SIM) является официальным учебным заведениям организованная Посольством Республики Индонезии (посольства) в Москве совместно с Министерством национального образования.

For the Russian State, UASBN SD / MI among implemented in the Moskow is located in exactly Committee :

Indonesia School Moskow
Novokuznetskaya, Ulitsa 12,
Moskow Rusia Telp. 7-095-

Download Drilll of Mathematics for UASBN SD / MI 2010 (Including complete solutions and Theory even Bank Soal)

Download Drilll of Indonesia Language for UASBN SD / MI 2010 (Including complete solutions and Bank Soal)

Download Drilll of IPA (Nature Science) for UASBN SD / MI 2010 (Including complete solutions and Theory even Bank Soal)

Indonesia School Moscow (SIM) is one of thirteen schools in Indonesia which is currently abroad. The presence of SIM, as well as formal educational institutions that provide educational services from kindergarten through high school levels for the children of Indonesia who live in Moscow, as well as a cultural ambassador of Indonesia. Therefore, students Sekolah Indonesia Moscow was not only learn the curriculum as a learned friends in Indonesia, but also learn the art of Indonesian national culture and the noble values of Indonesian culture.

Planting of religious values and its application in everyday life - in the middle of whoop-bingarnya meterialisme and hedonism of Moscow - is a positive value that is owned by a separate license. At the same time they are also expected to act and think globally will be devoted to science and knowledge for the advancement of religion, nation and state.

The presence of a virtual house and was expected to present the latest information related to the curriculum, Mata Pelajaran, Extra Curricular Activities, Teacher and Student Creativity as well as a communicative interactive media between the school and organizer of the stake holders. Layari pages and discover our Vision, Mission, Goals, curriculum structure, subjects taught, infrastructure and activities of teachers and other students of the intellectual, fun and exciting.

As an assisted private school run by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with the Moscow Department of Education, of course, increase the quality of continuous service becomes a necessity. Therefore as the school manager, we will continue to seek a breakthrough for the creation of quality education services to produce human generations kamil as mandated in the preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia - the intellectual life of the nation. For that, what we need is constructive criticism, suggestions, constructive suggestions, and encouragement from all sides so that we - all providers of school - can carry out the mandate on the shoulders disandangkan us accountable.

Russia provides scholarship for Indonesian students
The Russian government has provided a scholarship to 14 undergraduate, 19 master's and three doctorate students from Indonesia to study in the country as part of a student exchange program.

Addressing the sending-off ceremony for the students last Thursday, National Education Minister Bambang Sudibyo said student exchange programs were not only aimed at education purposes, but also served as diplomatic efforts to strengthen relations with Russia.

"We can always learn something from staying in another country," Bambang said at the ministry office in Jakarta.

"An emotional connection among people will allow for better relations between our leaders."

"*The program* strengthens bilateral relations through people-to-people contact. People in Russia will know about the culture and diversity in Indonesia," said R. Agus Sartono, head of the ministry's Planning and International Cooperation Bureau.

The students were selected by both the Indonesian and Russian governments.

"We want to learn and acquire knowledge, then come back *to Indonesia* and build our country into something better," said Muhammad Aditya Rakhmat Thamsiel, set to do his master's in journalism in Russia.

Indonesian students were encouraged to return home after completing their studies to serve their country, said Yury Zozulya, head of the Russian center for science and culture in Jakarta.

Since 1998, 34 Russian students have studied in Indonesia as part of the Darmasiswa program.


29 March 2010

UASBN Wassenar

For the European region, UASBN SD / MI among implemented in the Netherlands is located in exactly Committee :

S.I. Wassenar
Rijksstratweg 679 2245 CB
Telp. 070-5178875

Download Drilll of Mathematics for UASBN SD / MI 2010 (Including complete solutions and Theory even Bank Soal)

Download Drilll of Indonesia Language for UASBN SD / MI 2010 (Including complete solutions and Bank Soal)

Download Drilll of IPA (Nature Science) for UASBN SD / MI 2010 (Including complete solutions and Theory even Bank Soal)

Indonesia School of Wassenaar to THIMUN International Forum 2010

Sekolah Indonesia (SIN) Wassenaar, Netherlands, re-gained the confidence to perform to an international forum THIMUN, a miniature United Nations. As a young diplomat, representing SIN Lichtenstein.

The Hague Model United Nations (THIMUN) is a simulation of the annual activities of the United Nations (UN) for world-class high school students, referring to the trial model exactly as the United Nations in New York.

SIN Wassenaar or School Dutch Embassy in Indonesia is the only school representative in Indonesia THIMUN this year that lasted for 5 days (25-29/1/2010), with the theme of Good Governance, Striving for Transparency and Equity in Government (Governance of well, Towards Transparency and Fairness in Government).

Delegation SIN Wassenaar young diplomat appointed to represent Liechtenstein, a European Union country, which lies between Switzerland and Austria. They were accompanied by Wariso Siswoyo (Pak War) as the MUN-Director, Michael Andriani Pipit Putrawenas and as a mentor pro-bono (free of charge, red).

Strength of 15 members, delegates SIN committee placed around the General Assembly (General Assembly), the commissions Disarmament (Disarmament), Environment (Environment), and Human Rights (Rights of Man), ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) , and the Special Conference (Special Court).

"These forums become a means of training and opportunity for students to mengenyam international relations, learning diplomacy and participate actively in international forums," said Director SIN Saidan said AFP, Friday (29/1/2010).

According to Saidan, before preparing his side are mature students with research concerning Liechtenstein countries will be represented and which areas to their portfolio. In addition students are also invited audience with the heir to the throne of Liechtenstein Prince Nikolaus Ferdinand Maria Josef Raphael von und zu Liechtenstein in the country's embassy in Brussels.

"I am advised that a delegation of the maximum appearing at the same time maintaining the good name of Indonesia in international forums such prestige," said Saidan.

Which will Saidan an end task and returned to Indonesia in January 2010 was the end to appreciate the support of Embassy The Hague, Ministry of National Education of Indonesia Jakarta, and all the stakeholders, which allows SIN Wassenaar appeared as a representative of the Dutch nation and the world.


28 March 2010

Prediksi Soal UASBN SD 2010 Complete Edition

Ministry of National Education has published a lattice UASBN SD / MI in 2010 and according to schedule his official letter of the Minister of National Education Tax: 178/MPN/HK/2009 dated 03 Desember 2009 subject: National Exam (UN) 2009/2010 school year, the National Standard National Education (BSNP) will hold the UN in 2010 with the following schedule:

Schedule Lessons UASBN Year 2009/2010 SD / MI and SDLB:

1. Main UN (4 - May 6, 2010)
2. UN Susulan (10 - May 12, 2010)

UASBN grid was already in the publishing and can be seen in the Regulation of Minister of Education No. 74 Year 2009 Final Examination Schools on nationally standardized (UASBN) Elementary School / Madrasah Ibtidaiyah / Extraordinary Elementary School (SD / MI / SDLB) Studies Year 2009/2010, Download here please grid is equipped with Standard Operating Procedures (POS) Implementation UASBN Year 2010 that you can Download here.

About Script to UASBN about 2010 based on the provisions of the National Standardization Agency of Education (BNSP), 25 percent of the text formulated by the team about the center, 75 percent of the school meetings. This year UASBN still not used as an instrument of graduation. Graduation of students left the educational institutions of each. While the results will be used to UASBN New Student Registration (PSB) junior.
For the year 2010 although the implementation of SD UASBN assessment conducted by each school, but script problems remain under the control of National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) and the central government. In fact, the examination was also done centrally because the standard is also because national. Central committee will return the results of the examination committee at each school, because school graduation determining whether or not student participants UASBN.

We work hard to make the questions Exercise UASBN SD / MI that can meet the needs of elementary school students (SD) / Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI). Alhamdulillah finally our efforts to help students wherever they may be, whether in Indonesia or abroad, completed satisfactorily. Please you see the home files and you can certainly download.

Download Drilll of Mathematics for UASBN SD / MI 2010 (Including complete solutions and Theory even Bank Soal)

Download Drilll of Indonesia Language for UASBN SD / MI 2010 (Including complete solutions and Theory even Bank Soal)

Download Drilll of IPA (Nature Science) for UASBN SD / MI 2010 (Including complete solutions and Theory even Bank Soal)

Determination of graduation of students, usually decided by the board meeting to consider a teacher with a minimum value of each subject tested, such as Mathematics, Indonesian, and science. In addition, graduation UASBN also used as one consideration determination of graduation from school, or madrassa.

Graduation standards policies submitted to each school will raise standards of value different between schools. But of course with the hope that the quality of students still will be considered passing. At a minimum, students who want to pass a passing grade standard is more than 5.5.


Nature Science for UASBN 2010

Elementary Science Experiments Made Fun and Easy

Elementary science experiments can be a ton of fun. At this age, there isn't the pressure on the students that there is in the higher grades. Science fair projects are all about fun! Children are naturally curious and full of questions and energy so it shouldn't be hard to get them to come up with a topic. One elementary science experiment the children may enjoy is to see if water always drains in the same direction. They can test this out around the school, in toilets, sinks and drains. All they need to do is grab some paper and a pencil and head off to a washroom to begin. Have them flush the toilet and make note of which way the water drains. Then get them to put a plug in a sink drain and fill it with some water. Pull the plug and have them observe which way the water drains in the sink. Next, if there is a floor drain around, if possible pour some water over the drain and have them observe which way it flows down the drain. Did the water always drain in the same direction?
If this elementary science project isn't for you, you could have the students test different brands of popcorn. In this project, they test to see if different brands of popcorn leave the same amount of in-popped kernels. Have fun!

Download Good Drill of IPA for UASBN SD / MI 2010 - Pack II
Please Download here IPA Pack II - Code 01
- Solutions please download here

Please Download here IPA Pack II - Code 02
- Solutions please download here

Download Theory of IPA for UASBN SD / MI (in accordance with the formal grid of the ministries of National Education)

If you Need Soal UASBN SD / MI 2009 please click here

And if you do not have UASBN Training Package I, please download here

Easy Elementary Science Projects
Doing easy elementary science projects need not be kept only for science fairs. There are many good reasons why you and your kids should do science experiments all the time.
It gives you and the kids the opportunity to spend some quality time together
Kids love exploring and it is good to use this natural curiosity to teach them basic science without them even noticing.
Science experiments using easy to obtain supplies are also very suitable for homeschoolers.
Our easy elementary science project for today falls in to the category of "fun." You will have to supervise though; otherwise you will have a big mess on your hands!
To start, explain to the kids that the earth consists of rocks, sand, humus, water and air. This is all the "ingredients" necessary for life on earth. Plants, animals and humans all need them in order to be able to survive. In our science project we are going to have a look at soil. What you need:

5 Small clear jars
5 Soil samples from different kinds of soil (go exploring with the kids to find samples in different places)
A pen
A notebook
Fill your jars halfway full with your soil samples. One kind of soil into each jar.
Mark each jar with a name that will help you remember which soil you placed in which jar.
Fill the jars with water until they are almost full.
You will see that bubbles start rising to the top of the water.
Make notes of all your results, it is also a good idea to take photos of your result if you are doing this as a science fair project or as part of your science lessons for homeschooling.
You will note that the soil that is the most tightly packed will have less air in it than for instance a soil with lots of humus, taken maybe from a flower bed. Do you think plants grow better in well aerated soil or in soil more densely packed? This can be the subject of a later easy elementary science project. Have fun!


Drill of Bahasa Indonesia UASBN 2010

UASBN grid for learning Indonesian, and others already in the publishing and can be seen in the Regulation of Minister of Education No. 74 Year 2009 Final Examination Schools on nationally standardized (UASBN) Elementary School / Madrasah Ibtidaiyah / Extraordinary Elementary School (SD / MI / SDLB) Year Lesson 2009/2010, please Download here grid is equipped with Standard Operating Procedures (POS) Implementation UASBN Year 2010 that you can Download here.

Indonesian UASBN often lightly regarded by some students, but at the National Examination precisely the high school level lessons that are considered the most difficult. Consider this fact: After the Indonesian exams, the students felt nervous. They are not sure to get the maximum value from these subjects. Some students answered questions in a way to gauge because it does not know the correct answer.

Download Good Drill of Indonesia Language for UASBN SD / MI 2010 - Pack II
Please Download here Indonesia Language Pack II - Code 01
- Solutions please download here

Please Download here Indonesia Language Pack II - Code 02
- Solutions please download here

If you Need Soal UASBN SD / MI 2009 please click here

And if you do not have UASBN Training Package I, please download here

"Wow, many questions are difficult to understand. Especially when I was asked to interpret a poem, I shoot (to gauge) only. There are five questions (out of 50 questions) that I really do not know," said high school students, 78 Jakarta, Class 12 IPA C, King Buchori, Monday (22/3/2010), when found in between breaks.

He felt about Indonesian students because many deceive between about one and other similar problems. During exercises before the exam, two teachers who led a different answer. "Answers about Indonesian seemed accordance with their respective beliefs aja," he said with a smile.

The same complaint submitted by Riski, 78 Jakarta high school students, Class C Riski science. He felt really learned when reading about the Indonesian language. When asked about the difficulty, he just shook his head as he took a deep breath.

To release the tension, some 78 high school students gathered at the mosque school. In this place they sunnah prayer before the next test, which is subject to students majoring in Biological Sciences (IPA) and Sociology for students majoring in Social Science (IPS).


Drill of Mathematics for UASBN Exam

Mathematics subjects is still a scourge for students. At the final examination of national standard schools (UASBN), almost every school passing standard set minimum limit (SKM) is very low. Much lower than the other two subjects, namely Indonesian and science.

Mathematics tested in UASBN on Tuesday (12 / 5). Many teachers worry, this lesson can drop students. "We are worried that the high limit set, students can not graduate. Moreover, there are some students not vulnerable, no thorough work," said Teti Hartiwi, VI-grade teacher SDN Tikukur II.

In order for younger siblings or elementary school students had no trouble MTs, we help you with training about the direction and UASBN grid based on the National Exam in 2010 primary.

Download Good Drill of Mathematics for UASBN SD / MI 2010 - Pack II
Please Download here Mathematics Pack II - Code 01
- Solutions please download here

Please Download here Mathematics Pack II - Code 02
- Solutions please download here

Download Theory of Math for UASBN SD / MI (in accordance with the formal grid of the ministries of National Education)

If you Need Soal UASBN SD / MI 2009 please click here

And if you do not have UASBN Training Package I, please download here

Schedule UASBN SD / MI / SDLB 2010 - UASBN MAIN

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 (Indonesian )
Wednesday, May 5, 2010 (UASBN Mathematics )
Thursday, May 6, 2010 (UASBN IPA / Natural Science)

Schedule Susulan UASBN SD / MI / SDLB Starting May 10 - May 12, 2010

Note: UASBN Susulan only applies to students who are sick or incapacitated and can be evidenced by a valid certificate.

Ways to Success UASBN SD / MI / SDLB
  1. Younger siblings to sleep and enough rest so that the condition of prime brothers and not sleepy during the exam.
  2. Prepare stationery that brothers need at the time of examination, test kartus, pengalas board, and the watch (if any) before bed.
  3. Wake up early in the morning. Do not forget breakfast and ask for blessings for both parents before going to school.

  4. Try to arrive at the test site at least 30 minutes before the test begins.

  5. Do not forget to read the prayer before beginning to answer questions.

  6. Relax, do not feel burdened or strained at the time to answer exam questions.

  7. Instill optimism and confidence that the brothers could answer correctly.

  8. Remember that tension can break concentration brothers!

  9. Exam Answer Sheet Keep brothers to stay clean, not folded, not at all the graffiti.

In schools that infrastructure facilities are still under the National Standard Schools (SSN), the value is determined only SKM 3.3 Mathematics. Much lower than two other subjects with a value of science and Indonesian 4 of 6. From the results of pre-UASBN 15 percent of the 38 students in this school achievements are still concerned about value, near the limit of this minimal graduation.

Based on the provisions of Standard Operating Guidelines (POS) UASBN 2009, UASBN passing grade is determined from each school. Graduation is set by the board meeting that included the teacher the minimum value of each subject and the average value of these three subjects. UASBN graduation is used as one of the considerations determining the graduation of students from the education unit.

SDN Ciujung in Bandung 3, only the math does not increase the limit set in this year SKM. Value 4.0. Meanwhile, Indonesian and science decided it rises respectively by 0.5 points from last year. "This value (Mathematics) could not be raised because there are still students who can score from the results of this pre-UN," said Sumarya, Head SDN Ciujung 3.

Of quality primary school SDN Merdeka V-IV did not dare to take the high SKM. In this school, square off SKM to 3.75 for math. Not much different from last year. "We also must remain realistic even demanded a high value," said Chief SDN Banjarsari II Indrawati from other leading schools. In the scheme of Graduates Competency Standards (SKL), Mathematics of 66.46 set at SDN most favorite in this city of Bandung.

In the majority of schools still set low passing grade, SLB Negeri Bandung A very brave equate graduation standards with the UN. The average value of 5.5 graduation with no score below 4.0. So, if a student had a value of 9 and 10 in Bahasa (Indonesia) and IPA, but its value 3.9, he did not graduate UASBN, said Amuda, Deputy Head of State SLBA Bandung.


This year, making about Mathematics in UASBN also involve Mathematics Teachers Association of Indonesia (AGMI). According to the President AGMI, Firmansyah Noor, this is a breakthrough step. We are involved in the validation process to check the language, structure, and the concept of matter. "But, without changing the material. The local government more willing to accommodate those who have a competent," he said.

He believes, about the quality of Mathematics UASBN better than the national exam, both in junior high and high school equivalents. Local involvement were also more, namely the portion 75 about the making of the material in the remaining provinces in the center. Based on monitoring results, the quality of math problems with UASBN more varied range of difficulty levels.


15 March 2010

Prediksi Soal UASBN SD/MI 2010

Good exercises and intensive certainly can work well in a nationally standardized final examination (UASBN) for elementary students / MI. With pride and gratitude we submit UASBN Problem Exercise SD / MI are equipped with the discussion. Do not forget we also provide a theory or a brief resume with the based on the lattice UASBN 2010. We hope that our products can be useful for the students personally SD / MI participants UASBN 2010. Good Practice.

Strategic way to reach a high score in the Mathematics teachers must understand and teach Graduates Competency Standards (SKL). Also look at the screen about as an indicator of problems. There also needs to be done about the possibility of analysis can come out. And make predictions about and provided training for students. Success in learning systems are largely or approximately 70 percent of teachers are determined. Thus the role of teachers in the classroom is very important in boosting the value of students as passing nationally standardized final examination (UASBN).
This was revealed Bardi Purnomo SPd when a guest speaker at the event Grid Study Questions UASBN Year 2009 / 2010 Mata Pelajaran Matematika UPT office kindergarten / elementary school district Ngawen, recently. Present on the occasion of Kasi Kindergarten Curriculum / Elementary Education Youth and Sports Gunungkidul Dra Sri Andari SPd, Head of Unit TK / SD Ngawen Yuwono SPd Sutanto, head of SD / MI and VI-grade teacher was Ngawen District.
"The deciding factor UASBN education and success are two of the teachers and students. Teachers have the greatest role because it has an obligation to teach in the classroom. Therefore, before UASBN teachers are expected to have a special time or provide a lot of time teaching students in the class. The primary role of the teacher who should have mustered the ability to provide student learning in the classroom, "he said.
While Dra Sri Andari SPd said, the key to dealing UASBN through tersistem and instant way. Means tersistem with learning activities of class I-VI refer to several things, including lattice or material standards, and guidelines for competency development Education Unit Level Curriculum (KTSP).

Download Exercises Test UASBN SD/MI 2010

Download Indonesia Language

Download Mathematics

Download IPA (Natural Science)

All About UASBN
Implementation is based on UASBN No. Permendiknas. Year 82 Final Examination 2008 on the nationally standardized Schools (UASBN), the goal attainment rate in national competency in subjects Indonesian Language, Mathematics, and Sciences (Natural Sciences); and encourage the achievement of targets compulsory quality basic education.

Its use, in addition to mapping the quality of the education unit, as well as the basis for selection into the next education level.

However, it UASBN goal-as well as UN Untk-school and high school need to be evaluated whether it has the right target or otherwise become a field for some people to Profit with open tutoring and tutoring or extra lessons at school, by collecting money from students.

On the other hand, students and even parents find a way to pass her, even though the road is contrary to the nature of educational goals.

In welcoming the UN UASBN or that portion that exceeds that should be a concern of all parties to evaluate the benefits and harm of such educational systems.

Additional lessons or commonly known as les unnecessarily held. Schools that have a good curriculum management and has implemented procedures for instructional systems development, additional hours of lessons is a waste. Because, UASBN including learning activities.

UASBN as the evaluation results should be terdesain learning in the school curriculum. Directly or indirectly, is contained in the instruction execution plan (RPP) teacher-made subjects each.

On the other hand, the implementation rate UASBN achievement only three subjects, namely Indonesian with a number about 50 and 120 minute time allocation, Mathematics of about 40 to 120 minute time allocation, and Natural Sciences (40) with a 120-minute time allocation has invalidate the other subjects during the six years of study students.

Supposedly, our education system now needs to re pendefenisian because all knew less produce graduates ready to face the real life in the community.

Model of vocational schools are the right steps to create human resources ready to deal with market share. Can we compare high school graduates with vocational graduates. The vocational school graduates are better prepared when faced with economic problems by not continuing education to higher education.

Therefore, the education system only to pursue the target to pass by value does not relate to the needs of the market will create unemployment becomes more educated.

By understanding the fact that, should implementation of the national exam UASBN or directed not merely achieve the target value for what's good value if you are unable to do a benefit himself / herself and the surrounding communities.


08 March 2010

Kids in Science Classes

As a science teacher, you know how hard it is to keep kids in science classes involved and paying attention. Many times it seems like the students just zone out and wait for the bell to ring. Teaching a science class is a big challenge on its own, and it becomes even more challenging when students are not interested. The good news is that kids in science classes are interested, they are just used to the lecture as usual method which bores them. Switching up the method from time to time is what you can do as a teacher, and the best news is that you can start today!
Giving out rewards will keep kids in science classes paying attention to the lecture because they will want to be rewarded again. Handing out bite sized chocolate bars for every correct answer or for those who are paying attention and participating is one good start to keeping kids in science classes. Next, catch their attention by doing experiments in class. The bigger or flashier the experiment, the better it will be. Giving kids in science classes visual and live demonstrations, instead of just film or picture demonstrations will keep them alert. Even something as simple as displaying the different colors that appear when elements are burned is a good demonstration that goes well with a lesson on the periodic table. You can also ask one of the popular kids to help you with your demonstration. Usually asking someone that most of the other students like will keep the kids attention because they want to see what the popular kid has to do.

Download Drill of National Exam 2010 - Natural Science (IPA) - UASBN SD / MI (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah) (Including Solutions / Keys Answer)

Download Drill of Natural Science (IPA) - UASBN SD / MI (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah) - National Examination 2010
If a problem, please download here

Download Exam Sets - UN Exam 2009 (Natural Science (IPA) - UASBN SD / MI (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah)

Download Package 1

Download Bank of Science - National Exam (UASBN SD / MI (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah))

Finally, expand your classroom. The problem that many kids in science class face is that they go into the same room and stare at the same four walls day in and day out. Expand your classroom by going on field trips or conducting class in another section of the school, like the football field or the basketball court. This will be especially helpful if you're trying to teach them about the physics behind sports. Getting out of the classroom once or twice a week is enough to get your students paying attention, and enjoying the period a bit more. They will start to see your class as a fun break from all the other monotonous ones, and that means they will be paying attention!



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