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29 March 2010

UASBN Wassenar

For the European region, UASBN SD / MI among implemented in the Netherlands is located in exactly Committee :

S.I. Wassenar
Rijksstratweg 679 2245 CB
Telp. 070-5178875

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Indonesia School of Wassenaar to THIMUN International Forum 2010

Sekolah Indonesia (SIN) Wassenaar, Netherlands, re-gained the confidence to perform to an international forum THIMUN, a miniature United Nations. As a young diplomat, representing SIN Lichtenstein.

The Hague Model United Nations (THIMUN) is a simulation of the annual activities of the United Nations (UN) for world-class high school students, referring to the trial model exactly as the United Nations in New York.

SIN Wassenaar or School Dutch Embassy in Indonesia is the only school representative in Indonesia THIMUN this year that lasted for 5 days (25-29/1/2010), with the theme of Good Governance, Striving for Transparency and Equity in Government (Governance of well, Towards Transparency and Fairness in Government).

Delegation SIN Wassenaar young diplomat appointed to represent Liechtenstein, a European Union country, which lies between Switzerland and Austria. They were accompanied by Wariso Siswoyo (Pak War) as the MUN-Director, Michael Andriani Pipit Putrawenas and as a mentor pro-bono (free of charge, red).

Strength of 15 members, delegates SIN committee placed around the General Assembly (General Assembly), the commissions Disarmament (Disarmament), Environment (Environment), and Human Rights (Rights of Man), ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) , and the Special Conference (Special Court).

"These forums become a means of training and opportunity for students to mengenyam international relations, learning diplomacy and participate actively in international forums," said Director SIN Saidan said AFP, Friday (29/1/2010).

According to Saidan, before preparing his side are mature students with research concerning Liechtenstein countries will be represented and which areas to their portfolio. In addition students are also invited audience with the heir to the throne of Liechtenstein Prince Nikolaus Ferdinand Maria Josef Raphael von und zu Liechtenstein in the country's embassy in Brussels.

"I am advised that a delegation of the maximum appearing at the same time maintaining the good name of Indonesia in international forums such prestige," said Saidan.

Which will Saidan an end task and returned to Indonesia in January 2010 was the end to appreciate the support of Embassy The Hague, Ministry of National Education of Indonesia Jakarta, and all the stakeholders, which allows SIN Wassenaar appeared as a representative of the Dutch nation and the world.


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