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Thanks be to God praise that Exercise Problem UASBN SD / MI Package II we publish. All of UASBN lesson that you can already see (Math, Indonesia Language, and IPA, please enter here go to Prediksi Soal UASBN 2011, 5 Packages and please download Kisi-kisi UN 2011 here and POS UN SD 2011

28 March 2011

Latihan Soal Matematika UN SD 2011

We are proud to child primary mathematics UN so load is not too, no complaints and hopefully a little hard to say. Cuman in some areas such as in the eastern region appears to be still no complaints, as happened in Biak. A number of elementary school students (SD) of participants with a national final examination (UASBN) in Biak Numfor, Papua, admitted, 40 math problems that were tested on the second day of the implementation of the national exam is very difficult.

Village Elementary School Students Ambroben, Sertes Ronsumbre, after attending the second day of the national exam, in Biak, Wednesday, declared, all the national exam subjects of mathematics that was issued when the test easy-easy to difficult. To assist trouble brother and sister students primary school we provide the theory and various guides, as well as simulations and exercises UN 2011 provided with free primary schools for younger siblings wherever located, please refer to and you certainly can get the download for free.

Please Download Latihan Soal Matematika UN SD 2011

Download Latihan Matematika Paket 1
Download Latihan Matematika Paket 2
Download Latihan Matematika Paket 3
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Download Latihan Matematika Paket 5

Notes : All Drill completed by Good Solutions for UN SD Exam Preparations!


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