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08 February 2011

POS UN SD 2011

We are pleased to publish the POS UN SD 2011 or POS UASBN SD 2011(Standard Operating Procedures for the national exam SD and MI), we encourage you to download it at this elementary UN Blog. Don't forget that the Accumulative value of the national exam (UN) is now no longer be an absolute determinant in the continuing school / registration of new learners (PPDB) in the academic year 2011/2012. For to determine graduation, the value will be accumulated by the UN report card (semester 1-5) and the school final examination score (UAS).

Download POS UN SD 2011

According to the Head of Department of Primary Education in West Java, Dede Hasan, it is in accordance with the determination of the specified graduation National Education Standards Agency (BSNP). In the standard operating procedure (SOP), the UN determined that the academic year 2010/2011 students' graduation report card and UAS determined value (40%) and the value of UAN (60%).

"Accumulative value will then be used to be a minimum value / passing grade to continue their education, either from primary school to junior high schools or junior high schools to SMA / MA / SMK," said Dede Hasan told reporters in the Hall Wiyataguna, Jln. Padjadjaran, Bandung, on Wednesday (26 / 1).

As for PPDB to schools that have been labeled pilot schools of international standard (RSBI) both junior and senior high school, said Dede, not known for certain. "Whether in addition to the above and then coupled with the tests, we are still waiting," he said.

Therefore, he continued, technically it is still waiting for the discussion PPDB completed 2011/2012. However, for the use of PG in the secondary school system as used in the country the previous year, most likely will not change.


Meanwhile, the national standard school final examination (UASBN), according to Dede, his new POS yesterday received from BSNP. If a decision letter regarding the completion UASBN POS committee, then it will immediately disseminate to the districts in West Java about it.

"In these UASBN POS, most are not much different from the previous year. Among others that 75 percent of the problem created by the province, and 25 percent of matter created by the center," he said.

In addition, for the determination of the average value of students' graduation, is still determined by the educational unit. "The only difference there is no re-examination for students who did not pass. So did the absence of independent monitoring team (TPI)," he said.


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