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28 January 2011

Latihan Soal UN SD Paket 2

Final exam school graduation standards with a national (UASBN) elementary school (SD), still determined their respective schools. Until now there has been no new decision from the government to establish a national standard exam, but delivered his decision to each elementary school.

Although the implementation of SD UASBN assessment conducted by each school, the text matter remains under the control of National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) and the Central Government. In fact, the examination was also conducted centrally as well because the standard is national. Later, the central committee will return the results of the examination committee at each school, because school determines whether or not their students pass.

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Determination of students' graduation, usually decided by a meeting of the board of teachers by considering the minimum value of each subject tested, such as Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesian, and IPA. In addition, graduation UASBN also be used as one consideration determination of graduation from school, or madrassa.

The Government recognizes, the graduation standards submitted to each school will raise standards of different values between schools. Similarly, the statement disclosed Chief of SD 3 Demaan District Municipality, Dawn Sri Utami said, the authority of each school determine the student's graduation will bring up the default values of different graduation. However, the quality of students still will be considered passing. At a minimum, students who want to pass a standard passing score more than 5.5,.

Standard values had led to protests from a number of junior high.


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