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28 January 2011

Latihan Soal UN SD Paket 4

Head of Education Office of Elementary Education Yogyakarta Sugeng M Subono say, elementary school students who scored a national standard school final examination is lower than the minimum passing score still had a chance to graduate. The opportunity was obtained when the learning process everyday students are doing well.

"Schools have the authority to grant the boy. These views of the daily value and the background of its failure at the end of school exams with a national (UASBN)," Sugeng said on Thursday (29 / 4).

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According Sugeng, student academic ability will be reflected in the students rather than the result of the daily value UASBN. Results UASBN very dependent conditions and problems faced by students during exams.

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Sugeng said the passing standards for primary schools be made more lenient than the junior high and high school. Education Office of Yogyakarta city does not put limits on establishing graduation standards so that schools are free to determine their own standards.

"Service is not a lot of intervention because most know the capacity of school children," he said.

Allowances are given due UASBN aimed at mapping the quality of the learning process in each elementary school. In addition, the composition of about 75 percent of the region, not yet fully UASBN national standard.

For students, the value UASBN useful to select a school in the next level. The higher results UASBN, the easier it is looking for junior high school students with quality. "This is where the responsibility of students to strive to achieve a high value, the lower the value will be increasingly difficult to find school he continued," Sugeng said.

In 2010, the standard graduation UASBN proposed schools in the city of Yogyakarta varies between 3-7. UASBN will last 4 to 6 May 2010. In the city of Yogyakarta, the number of participants UASBN reach 7289 students. Four days ahead of UASBN, elementary schools in the city of Yogyakarta intensified the deepening of the material, especially for students whose capacity is less. In SDN Terbansari I Yogyakarta, the trial was held 10 times. SD is also conducting intensive coaching to each student based on ability to classify children.

"We divide the children into three classes, the ability of high, medium, and less," said Head Elementary School I Terbansari Yogyakarta Moses Dahwad.

A number of primary schools will also hold joint prayer to prepare students mentally as a form of support for children.


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