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28 January 2011

Sekolah Indonesia di Bangkok

The Indonesian School of Bangkok is founded in the 6th of October 1962 by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, after the cooperation between the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Education and Cultural. It located in the area of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, and the adress is 600-602 Petchburi Road Bangkok 10400 Thailand. The Indonesian School of Bangkok has a kindegarten, an elementary school, a junior high school, and a senior high school, which located in one complex. Right now, the kindegarten is closed, because it doesn't have student at all.

Indonesian School of Bangkok is a unique school. Located at a very strategically place this school has a academic potential. Although it has small amount of student and teacher, this makes everybody cuddle like a family. All them make friends to every student. None of them dislike, harassment or assault each other. This is because every students are involve. So if a student has a problem, a student or maybe a group encourage or make solution to that student. In that case every students here helps each other willingly. Lesson taught is like other national school for an exception of Thai language lesson because it is for survival in this country. Extracurricular lessons are held every school hour finishes. Variety of choices can be made although there aren't many to chose from. The main goal of this school is to make students a successful person after they left this school and head on to take on the world.

Diving deeper into the school info, this school has little amount of classrooms which can hold a minimum number of students. If special occasions or events are held in certain areas in the school at certain day such as the “English Day” every students are join together at one classroom. This makes some of the students to stand or sit down on the floor because of insufficient number of chairs. This school was built in 1962 by the Indonesian Embassy. Curriculum implemented was exactly "Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan". Subject taught has its own uniqueness, which is it has its own classrooms which makes student easier to understand the subject by experimenting such as in Physics and Chemistry. In this school, there are around 50 students and 14 teachers. A teacher here doesn't teach one lesson but two or maybe three. Maybe at some point a teacher may be sport teacher but at the other hand he/she also a history teacher. This factor makes a teacher is multipurpose regarding the small amount of teachers mention above. School hour starts at eight in the morning and finishes at 3pm .


With the decree from the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Col. M. Isman, a committee was made to plan the establishment of SIB as follows; Head ; Secretary ; Head of Education ; Head of Dormitory; Treasurer; The purpose of this School is to provide education for the children of the Indonesian Embassy’s staff and the Indonesian community from Year 1 until High School. A Head of Dormitory was appointed because it was thought that the school would provide accommodation for the Indonesian children who are from the Indonesian Embassy of Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Calcutta.

The committee completed their duties in a relatively short time. On October 6th 1962 the Indonesian School of Bangkok (SIB) was ratified by the Ambassador with a structure as follows;

Supervisor : Mrs. Isman
Superintendent : Sutiarno Surokusumo Ekok Djaka
Head Teacher : Mrs. Rosa Siddik
Teachers : Mrs. Mardijatmi Mrs. Lestari Mrs. Ratnawati

Besides that, a course for learning Bahasa Indonesia was made to help those children who are Indonesian descendant and live in Thailand, the teachers are: Hartono.. Ekok… Eran. The school building used is a building that’s called “Wisma Garuda” or The House of Garuda. Meanwhile, the presidential team coincidentally came to Bangkok after their visit to Japan and Australia, and therefore SIB was ratified for the second time by the President and his time the Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Prijono attended it. Not long after that, the Department of Education sent a new Head Teacher with an official Indonesian status.

Under the supervision of these Ambassadors; Mr. B.M. Diah, Mr. Ahmad Yusuf, Mr. A.R. Dharsono, Mr. Soetarto Sigit, Mr. Kharis Suhud, Mr.Hasnan Habib, Mr. Soebambang, Mr. Aried Riyadi, Mr. Gatot Suwardi and Mr. Ibrahim Yusuf, SIB has been improved with the addition of new buildings, laboratory, skilled teachers and the quality teaching materials. The head teachers are also changed every once a while, Mr. Sugiharto was replaced by …… The Indonesian community outside the Embassy has also contributed to SIB especially Indonesian businessmen working in Bangkok. This is the short history of SIB.

Sekolah Wassenar

Sekolah Indonesia di Wassenaar, Nederland (SIN) was formerly set up on 15 June 1965. At that time, the school was located at the Violenweg 13, The Hague. It was formally inaugurated by the then His Excellency Ambassador, Mr. Soedjarwo Tjondronegoro, which took place at the Rijksstraatweg 679, 2245 CB, Wassenaar on 17 August 1965. The Committee for Indonesian School and Culture (Badan Usaha Sekolah dan Budaya Indonesia or BASUKI) was assigned to carry out the preparation for the establishment. Based on the Decision of the Minister of Education and Culture on 15 August 1995, the name of Sekolah Indonesia di Nederland (SIN) was converted to Sekolah Kedutaan Republik Indonesia di Wassenaar, Nederland. However, its abbreviation, SIN, remains unchanged.

Then the BASUKI was replaced by the Advisory Body of Indonesian School and Culture (Badan Pembina Sekolah dan Kebudayaan Indonesia or BPSKI). Considering the more important role of SIN, in 1972, BPSKI was changed to the Advisory Body of Indonesian School (Badan Pembina Sekolah Indonesia or BPSI), and from 1993 onwards BPSI has been chaired (ex-officio) by the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia (WAKEPRI).

SIN Status
At the beginning of its foundation, SIN status had been a private assistance institution (swasta berbantuan). Then in 1981, based on the Common Decision of the Minister of Education and Culture and Minister of Foreign Affairs No. 191/81/01 and 051/U/1981 of 22 January 1981 concerning the Guidelines for the Management of Indonesian Schools Abroad, SIN was regarded as a private assistance school (sekolah swasta berbantuan). Considering the fact that for the last several years the school has been fully funded by the Representative of the Republic of Indonesia in the Netherlands, SIN status should be considered suitable as the School of Indonesian Embassy. Partially, for administrative matters, it bears the name: School of Indonesian Embassy.

Since recently, SIN has been allowed to administer its own final examination similar to the privilege given to the public schools in Indonesia.

Objectives and Functions
SIN provides education to Indonesian children and youth in foreign countries especially in Europe;
SIN functions as an umbrella to build up dan develop the sense of Indonesian nationhood;
strengthen the sense of Indonesian unity and Indonesian personality;
SIN participates in introducing and disseminating Indonesian culture and arts to the Dutch community in particular, and the international community in general.

Curriculum and Educational Levels
As an integral part of the Indonesia’s national education system, SIN applies Indonesian Curriculum.
Since SIN is undergoing to change its orientation to be compatible to International School Standards, SIN also applies International Curriculum especially the one which applies in Europe. Besides using books from Indonesia, SIN also uses books from International
school as a guide and supplement. Medium of instruction will use bilingual system namely Indonesian language and English especially for the Science subjects and Math.

Academic Year
The academic year commences in August and ends in July.

Schooldays and Holidays
School days are from Monday to Friday, and the school time starts at 09.00 to 16.00 CET.
Holidays are arranged according to the academic calendar and adjusted the holidays in the Netherlands or applied by the International Schools in the Netherlands.

Educational Levels
Elementary School (SD) (depends on demand)
Lower Secondary School (SMP)
Upper Secondary School (SMA)

Management and Finance
SIN is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs c.q. Indonesian Embassy, and technically supervised by the Attaché of the Department of Education and Culture.

Financial Resources
Indonesian Embassy budget
Educational Block Grant provided by the Department of National Education
Student tuition
Parents’ financial contribution

SIN by Public Transportation
SIN is easily accessible with public transportation. Just take a bus from The Hague Central Station, heading for Haarlem NS or Noordwijk, Oegsgeest, Lisse; get off at the Kerkehout bus-stop of the South Wassenaar (2 zones from The Hague CS).

Latihan Soal UN SD Paket 5

National Education Minister said the results of a national standard school final examination or UASBN as a condition of graduation of students from primary school. Therefore, UASBN important for well-prepared so that students can proceed to the next level of education.

Download Latihan Soal UN SD 2011 Package 5

Download Latihan Soal Bahasa Indonesia
Download Latihan Soal Matematika
Download Latihan Soal IPA

Graduation standards in a national standard school final examination (UASBN) for primary school in Magelang regency hard raised. This is due to the parents worried about rising standards of graduation-especially in a very significant percentage, it will have an impact on the swelling number of student failure.

M Yasro, Head Elementary School in District II Pasuruhan Mertoyudan, say, at the request of parents, then this year, it just did not raise the standard rate of graduation UASBN.

Latihan Soal UN SD Paket 4

Head of Education Office of Elementary Education Yogyakarta Sugeng M Subono say, elementary school students who scored a national standard school final examination is lower than the minimum passing score still had a chance to graduate. The opportunity was obtained when the learning process everyday students are doing well.

"Schools have the authority to grant the boy. These views of the daily value and the background of its failure at the end of school exams with a national (UASBN)," Sugeng said on Thursday (29 / 4).

Download Latihan Soal UN SD 2011 Package 4

Download Latihan Soal Bahasa Indonesia
Download Latihan Soal Matematika
Download Latihan Soal IPA

According Sugeng, student academic ability will be reflected in the students rather than the result of the daily value UASBN. Results UASBN very dependent conditions and problems faced by students during exams.

More software

Sugeng said the passing standards for primary schools be made more lenient than the junior high and high school. Education Office of Yogyakarta city does not put limits on establishing graduation standards so that schools are free to determine their own standards.

"Service is not a lot of intervention because most know the capacity of school children," he said.

Allowances are given due UASBN aimed at mapping the quality of the learning process in each elementary school. In addition, the composition of about 75 percent of the region, not yet fully UASBN national standard.

For students, the value UASBN useful to select a school in the next level. The higher results UASBN, the easier it is looking for junior high school students with quality. "This is where the responsibility of students to strive to achieve a high value, the lower the value will be increasingly difficult to find school he continued," Sugeng said.

In 2010, the standard graduation UASBN proposed schools in the city of Yogyakarta varies between 3-7. UASBN will last 4 to 6 May 2010. In the city of Yogyakarta, the number of participants UASBN reach 7289 students. Four days ahead of UASBN, elementary schools in the city of Yogyakarta intensified the deepening of the material, especially for students whose capacity is less. In SDN Terbansari I Yogyakarta, the trial was held 10 times. SD is also conducting intensive coaching to each student based on ability to classify children.

"We divide the children into three classes, the ability of high, medium, and less," said Head Elementary School I Terbansari Yogyakarta Moses Dahwad.

A number of primary schools will also hold joint prayer to prepare students mentally as a form of support for children.


Latihan Soal UN SD Paket 3

Minimum value of each subject as a condition to pass the final exam with a national school (UASBN) for elementary school students (SD) is completely handed over to the school. In monitoring in the field, the school located in downtown dare set number 5. However, in remote schools on the slopes of the mountain, is still limited to setting a minimum value of 3.

Download Latihan Soal UN SD 2011 Package 3

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Download Latihan Soal Matematika
Download Latihan Soal IPA


Latihan Soal UN SD Paket 2

Final exam school graduation standards with a national (UASBN) elementary school (SD), still determined their respective schools. Until now there has been no new decision from the government to establish a national standard exam, but delivered his decision to each elementary school.

Although the implementation of SD UASBN assessment conducted by each school, the text matter remains under the control of National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) and the Central Government. In fact, the examination was also conducted centrally as well because the standard is national. Later, the central committee will return the results of the examination committee at each school, because school determines whether or not their students pass.

Download Latihan Soal UN SD 2011 Package 2

Download Latihan Soal Bahasa Indonesia
Download Latihan Soal Matematika
Download Latihan Soal IPA

Determination of students' graduation, usually decided by a meeting of the board of teachers by considering the minimum value of each subject tested, such as Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesian, and IPA. In addition, graduation UASBN also be used as one consideration determination of graduation from school, or madrassa.

The Government recognizes, the graduation standards submitted to each school will raise standards of different values between schools. Similarly, the statement disclosed Chief of SD 3 Demaan District Municipality, Dawn Sri Utami said, the authority of each school determine the student's graduation will bring up the default values of different graduation. However, the quality of students still will be considered passing. At a minimum, students who want to pass a standard passing score more than 5.5,.

Standard values had led to protests from a number of junior high.


Kisi-kisi UN SD 2011

Warm greeting for visitors, You are certainly in dire need of material Kisi-kisi UN SD - SD UASBN Year 2011. Here we show him to you. Tips for you who already have UN elementary lattice is read and learn, also find out what materials are the UN official who became material primary Year 2011. If you find material that was taught by the Teacher and you can, you certainly should smile. But if you find material that has not been given UASBN SD in your class you immediately ask your teacher to explain or at least you ask questions about material that you do not understand it.

Download Kisi-kisi UN SD 2011

We are waiting for was the POS UASBN / UN SD 2011 government pledge is completed as soon as possible dates. Come back here dech let us look quickly to reliable sources.

Besides the material that you've received from teachers at school, older brother also recommend some exercises UN SD / MI or Latihan Soal UN SD/MI 2011 from other blogs that older enough value-weighted. You can download it here, everything is 5 (five) great packages yes:.

07 January 2011

Latihan soal UASBN SD/MI 2011

Thank God we managed to arrange Exercise Problem UASBN SD 2011 which applies not only to primary school (elementary school) but of course also applies to Government Elementary School (MI) in preparation for primary school UASBN more mature and composed by directional because teachers are experienced in their field . We prefer mengistilahkan Prediction Problem UASBN SD 2011 with a targeted exercise UASBN term primary for all types of questions that tested our attempt to adjust the grid SD UASBN issued by the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of National Education Republic of Indonesia.

Please download all exercises Question UASBN SD 2011

Kisi-kisi UASBN SD/MI 2011 please download here!

More Latihan soal UN or UASBN SD/MI 2011 :

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Rating UASBN Up Two Levels

Pekalongan District ranked 31 in Central Java, from the National Standard School Final Examination (UASBN) 2009/2010 academic year. Ratings go up two levels, because the previous school year, Pekalongan District ranked 33 out of 35 districts and municipalities in Central Java.

Regent Pekalongan Dra Hj Siti Qomariyah UASBN MA in speech evaluation at the Public Hall (GPU) Kajen, Thursday (29 / 7), assess the increase in Java ranks as an achievement, however, he claimed not satisfied with these achievements. "I sat in the rankings berharapnya twenties," said Regent.

Regent explains, all the field average ranked 22 in Central Java. Meanwhile, a new education sector to reach rank 31. According to the regents, other areas to make a breakthrough to achieve these rankings. Regents requested that the education sector also made a breakthrough as other fields.

Regent promised to help for ratings rose and advanced education in Pekalongan Regency. Regent hope, bring progress evaluation in education. According to him, to advance a field, SKPD must work together with communities, empowering environment.

Evaluation was attended by 773 people. Chairman of the Organizing Committee Evaluation UASBN, Hj Sumarwati Spd, Head of compulsory basic education, reporting, audience consists of elements Education Office, Chief Kankemenag, Head of Education Unit, the superintendent, the head of SD / MI / SDLB, and guests invited. UASBN reportedly went smoothly without any hindrance whatsoever.

Kisi-kisi Ujian Nasional 2011

The national examination 2010/2011 school year upper secondary school level / madrasah aliyah / vocational high school (SMA / MA / SMK) will be held 18 to 21 April 2011. While the level of junior high school / madrassa tsanawiyah (SMP / MTs) will be held 25 to 28 April 2011.

UN schedule is listed in the Minister of National Education (the game) Number 45 Year 2010 regarding Graduation and Permendiknas Criteria No. 46 on the Implementation of UN junior high and high school Academic Year 2010/2011, signed the National Education Minister Mohammad Nuh Monday (01/04/2011) in Jakarta.

Kisi-kisi Ujian Nasional 2011

Download Links Kisi-kisi Ujian Nasional 2011

Download Links Permendiknas tentang Pelaksanaan Ujian sekolah dan Ujian Nasional 2011

Download Links tentang Kriteria Kelulusan UN 2011

In April next UN has used a new formula for determining graduation of the combined value of the UN with the school, including school exams and the value of report cards.

Head of Research and Development Mansyur Kemdiknas Ramly said the UN Supplementary SMA / MA / SMK will be held April 25 to 28, 2011 and graduation announcements education unit at the latest by May 16, 2011.

While the UN Supplementary SMP / MTs held 3 to 6 May 2011, while the UN announcement of SMP / MTs by the educational unit on June 4, 2011. "UN competence vocational vocational school held no later than one month before the examination begins," said Mansour.

Before graduation was announced, the school sends the school values to be combined with the results of the UN to Kemdiknas. Furthermore, after combined with the formula of 60 percent of the UN plus the 40 percent value of the school, the value is returned to the school. Schools combine value with other subjects. "There are seven other subjects must be passed. What determines stay graduation educational unit," said Mendiknas RI M. Nuh.

Mendiknas RI M. Nuh went on, the map value analysis will be conducted each school. Schools that low value such interventions will be carried out in 2010 which provides incentive funds amounting to Rp 1 billion as a stimulus to the 100 districts that have a low value of the UN.

Incentive funds were awarded to districts with a graduation percentage of students less than 80 percent. In addition to funding, the government also intervened in the program to improve teacher competency and remedial. "There is no specific target students' graduation. The target is honesty the implementation of the UN. It is more expensive because of the graduation rate last year was 99 percent," said Mendiknas RI M. Nuh.



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