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Thanks be to God praise that Exercise Problem UASBN SD / MI Package II we publish. All of UASBN lesson that you can already see (Math, Indonesia Language, and IPA, please enter here go to Prediksi Soal UASBN 2011, 5 Packages and please download Kisi-kisi UN 2011 here and POS UN SD 2011

28 March 2010

Drill of Mathematics for UASBN Exam

Mathematics subjects is still a scourge for students. At the final examination of national standard schools (UASBN), almost every school passing standard set minimum limit (SKM) is very low. Much lower than the other two subjects, namely Indonesian and science.

Mathematics tested in UASBN on Tuesday (12 / 5). Many teachers worry, this lesson can drop students. "We are worried that the high limit set, students can not graduate. Moreover, there are some students not vulnerable, no thorough work," said Teti Hartiwi, VI-grade teacher SDN Tikukur II.

In order for younger siblings or elementary school students had no trouble MTs, we help you with training about the direction and UASBN grid based on the National Exam in 2010 primary.

Download Good Drill of Mathematics for UASBN SD / MI 2010 - Pack II
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Download Theory of Math for UASBN SD / MI (in accordance with the formal grid of the ministries of National Education)

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Schedule UASBN SD / MI / SDLB 2010 - UASBN MAIN

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 (Indonesian )
Wednesday, May 5, 2010 (UASBN Mathematics )
Thursday, May 6, 2010 (UASBN IPA / Natural Science)

Schedule Susulan UASBN SD / MI / SDLB Starting May 10 - May 12, 2010

Note: UASBN Susulan only applies to students who are sick or incapacitated and can be evidenced by a valid certificate.

Ways to Success UASBN SD / MI / SDLB
  1. Younger siblings to sleep and enough rest so that the condition of prime brothers and not sleepy during the exam.
  2. Prepare stationery that brothers need at the time of examination, test kartus, pengalas board, and the watch (if any) before bed.
  3. Wake up early in the morning. Do not forget breakfast and ask for blessings for both parents before going to school.

  4. Try to arrive at the test site at least 30 minutes before the test begins.

  5. Do not forget to read the prayer before beginning to answer questions.

  6. Relax, do not feel burdened or strained at the time to answer exam questions.

  7. Instill optimism and confidence that the brothers could answer correctly.

  8. Remember that tension can break concentration brothers!

  9. Exam Answer Sheet Keep brothers to stay clean, not folded, not at all the graffiti.

In schools that infrastructure facilities are still under the National Standard Schools (SSN), the value is determined only SKM 3.3 Mathematics. Much lower than two other subjects with a value of science and Indonesian 4 of 6. From the results of pre-UASBN 15 percent of the 38 students in this school achievements are still concerned about value, near the limit of this minimal graduation.

Based on the provisions of Standard Operating Guidelines (POS) UASBN 2009, UASBN passing grade is determined from each school. Graduation is set by the board meeting that included the teacher the minimum value of each subject and the average value of these three subjects. UASBN graduation is used as one of the considerations determining the graduation of students from the education unit.

SDN Ciujung in Bandung 3, only the math does not increase the limit set in this year SKM. Value 4.0. Meanwhile, Indonesian and science decided it rises respectively by 0.5 points from last year. "This value (Mathematics) could not be raised because there are still students who can score from the results of this pre-UN," said Sumarya, Head SDN Ciujung 3.

Of quality primary school SDN Merdeka V-IV did not dare to take the high SKM. In this school, square off SKM to 3.75 for math. Not much different from last year. "We also must remain realistic even demanded a high value," said Chief SDN Banjarsari II Indrawati from other leading schools. In the scheme of Graduates Competency Standards (SKL), Mathematics of 66.46 set at SDN most favorite in this city of Bandung.

In the majority of schools still set low passing grade, SLB Negeri Bandung A very brave equate graduation standards with the UN. The average value of 5.5 graduation with no score below 4.0. So, if a student had a value of 9 and 10 in Bahasa (Indonesia) and IPA, but its value 3.9, he did not graduate UASBN, said Amuda, Deputy Head of State SLBA Bandung.


This year, making about Mathematics in UASBN also involve Mathematics Teachers Association of Indonesia (AGMI). According to the President AGMI, Firmansyah Noor, this is a breakthrough step. We are involved in the validation process to check the language, structure, and the concept of matter. "But, without changing the material. The local government more willing to accommodate those who have a competent," he said.

He believes, about the quality of Mathematics UASBN better than the national exam, both in junior high and high school equivalents. Local involvement were also more, namely the portion 75 about the making of the material in the remaining provinces in the center. Based on monitoring results, the quality of math problems with UASBN more varied range of difficulty levels.


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