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08 March 2010

Kids in Science Classes

As a science teacher, you know how hard it is to keep kids in science classes involved and paying attention. Many times it seems like the students just zone out and wait for the bell to ring. Teaching a science class is a big challenge on its own, and it becomes even more challenging when students are not interested. The good news is that kids in science classes are interested, they are just used to the lecture as usual method which bores them. Switching up the method from time to time is what you can do as a teacher, and the best news is that you can start today!
Giving out rewards will keep kids in science classes paying attention to the lecture because they will want to be rewarded again. Handing out bite sized chocolate bars for every correct answer or for those who are paying attention and participating is one good start to keeping kids in science classes. Next, catch their attention by doing experiments in class. The bigger or flashier the experiment, the better it will be. Giving kids in science classes visual and live demonstrations, instead of just film or picture demonstrations will keep them alert. Even something as simple as displaying the different colors that appear when elements are burned is a good demonstration that goes well with a lesson on the periodic table. You can also ask one of the popular kids to help you with your demonstration. Usually asking someone that most of the other students like will keep the kids attention because they want to see what the popular kid has to do.

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Finally, expand your classroom. The problem that many kids in science class face is that they go into the same room and stare at the same four walls day in and day out. Expand your classroom by going on field trips or conducting class in another section of the school, like the football field or the basketball court. This will be especially helpful if you're trying to teach them about the physics behind sports. Getting out of the classroom once or twice a week is enough to get your students paying attention, and enjoying the period a bit more. They will start to see your class as a fun break from all the other monotonous ones, and that means they will be paying attention!


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