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08 July 2011

UN SD Need Evaluated

Suspected cases of mass cheating going on SDN II Gadel Surabaya again raises the need to re-evaluate the implementation of the polemic of the National Examination (UN).

Vice Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Lukman Hakim Saifuddin said the case raises its own concerns for the UN masyarakat.Ternyata negative impact on the educational process in addition to a positive impact. "It would be wise evaluation of re-examination. Many of the negative impact of the UN.

Many teachers are forced to do things that are not good. The educators were forced to do things that are not good for maintaining the quality of the school, otherwise they would not accept it either from his superiors, "Lukman said at a discussion on" Tragedy and the State Siami Kleptocracy "held at the FM radio Trijaya Leaf Restaurant Warung Jakarta yesterday.

Lukman said the concrete example is when a teacher asks a mass contek conducted at SDN Gadel II Surabaya. The case was finally revealed by Siami, the mother of Maulana Ahmad Alifah. The case stems from a report to Siami Alif since asked to give a cheat sheet to his friends at the UN.

According to him, the phenomenon could not be separated from education systems that exist today. In the case of SDN Gadel II, he was not necessarily blaming the teacher. "I do not blame the teachers as well. Maybe the teacher is pressured to give good results, "he said. DPP Chairman of PPP was added, the incidence in the SDN Gadel II education providers should make introspection. On the other hand, Lukman also revealed the need for improved education techniques.

For example, he pointed at Pondok Pesantren Gontor system where there is a system that makes students do not easily cheated. "Test was no multiple choice, but esai.Lalu, ruangujiandicampur between class 1 and class," he said. He added that the UN should not be imposed on the SD.

Because, later in junior high there was the UN as the end of 9-year compulsory education. The discussion in addition to presenting Lukman Hakim, also presented the Secretary General of the Federation of Independent Teachers Indonesia Iwan Hermawan, researchers Study Center Gadjah Mada Anticorruption Oce Madril, and cultural Hardi. Iwan Hendrawan said the UN to be driving the systemic evils.

A student, he said, has the burden to keep good teachers reputation. How, with 100% of students pass the examination. When the reputation of a good teacher, the headmaster was good. Because, he said, the principal measure of performance of the UN. "Accreditation of a good school if the UN either," he said. With such structures, everything would be permissible for the school has 100% of students who pass the examination.

Meanwhile, Minister of National Education (Education Minister) Mohammad Nuh himself intervened to resolve the problem cases that terjadidiSDNGadelIISurabaya cheat. He requested that the issue has spread to social problems is finished and no longer extended.

In visits to schools located in the Village Karangpoh, District Tandes, at around 09.00 am yesterday, the minister to engage in dialogue directly with teachers and also some of the surrounding communities. During his visit he did not want to blame and justify anyone. But he is more invites everyone to take advantage of the incident.

Indeed the case that happened a few waktulaludanmencuatdimedia cheat sheet is like a throw-a mass of cow dung, but throws it at least brings benefits. There are benefits of throw dirt in order to foster improvements in the future. Open a new better, ranging from SDN Gadel to society. "Let's see, there are lessons from this incident the positive, now who is not familiar with the current Gadel.

Everyone will know Gadel, this is God's way of introducing Gadel to the public. The way God does all kinds to make something famous, "he said. The case has attracted wide public attention is also regarded as the demands on education that should be corrected.


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