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Thanks be to God praise that Exercise Problem UASBN SD / MI Package II we publish. All of UASBN lesson that you can already see (Math, Indonesia Language, and IPA, please enter here go to Prediksi Soal UASBN 2011, 5 Packages and please download Kisi-kisi UN 2011 here and POS UN SD 2011

28 December 2009

Download Soal UASBN SD / MI 2009 Complete Edition

Although the implementation of assessment SD UASBN conducted by each school, the manuscript in question remain under the control of National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) and the central government. And elementary students should continue to learn and practice exam questions to obtain a not only graduated, but it is also good.

Download Soal UASBN SD 2009 Complete Edition!

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Determination of graduation of students, usually decided by the board meeting to consider a teacher with a minimum value of each of the tested subjects, such as Mathematics, Indonesian, and science. In addition, graduation UASBN also used as one consideration determination of graduation from school, or madrassa.

Sudjatmiko admit, graduation standards submitted to each school will raise standards of value different between schools. Similar statements also revealed Demaan Head Elementary School District 3 City, Dawn Sri Utami said, the authority of each school determines the student's graduation will bring a passing grade standards different. "However, the quality of students still will be considered passing. At a minimum, students who want to pass a standard passing grade of more than 5.5," he said.


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