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28 September 2009

School Profile of SDN Menteng 01 Jakarta


Formerly called the CAS – Carpentier Alting Stichting Nassau School, The SDNP Menteng 01 was built under the Dutch Administration in 1934 and officially handed – over to the Indonesian Government in 1962.

Prestigious ever since its establishment, this favorite school is a historical monument and often receives nostalgic Dutch visitors. Located in the old elite residential area of Menteng – Jakarta, the building is thus well maintained in its distinguished original manner and has acquired the status of a foremost model school nationwide.
Organized under the cooperative School Committee, rapid educational development have pushed well planned adjustments to the existing classrooms to accommodate persistent demands of limited students, besides facilities which include a medical room, prayer hall, computer room, laboratory and a nationally, leading primary school library.

Mainly operated under the school based management system, SDNP Menteng 01 consists of a close, mutual cooperation of the principal and the teaching staff with the School Committee which comprises of diverse sectors of the community, society, directly or indirectly affiliated to the school.


As an educational body, the school bears in mind the basic developments of the student in the prime years of growth, by encouraging the potentialities of the child’s sound mind and body. Optimizing the potentials, the school’s vision indicates the almost achievements in the students performance, thriving for the best academically as well as social-wise.

The mission of the school implies the learning process effectively, as to optimize the existing abilities of the students. The students are motivated to know their capabilities for eventual improvements, notwithstanding the spiritual guidance and devotion to God Almighty.

As such, the management is implemented by involving members of the school and diverse public stakeholders under the attentive School Committee.


To maximize the existing potentials of the students, various kinds of teaching media are being implemented, including audio-visual equipment such as OHP, video, television, cassette, tape and computer, optimizing for quality and equity in Education.

The students often undergo a direct learning process by visiting the related object directly for better comprehension. Study visits introduce the students to the planetarium, PAM (City Water Installation), the zoo and the diverse television and radio stations, among others Two-way communication is of prime importance as to achieve better comprehension and understanding.


The Teaching learning process is from Monday to Friday. The students commence their studies at 07.00 hrs until 13.45 hrs with two breaks of fifteen minutes each, while on Friday the lessons will end at 11.30 hrs. The special tutoring class from Monday to Thursday commences at 07.00 hrs until 15.00 hrs with three breaks, while on Friday this class follows the same schedule like the other classes.


The extra – curricular activities are conducted from 1500 – 1700 hrs. daily outside schools hours and require additional attention for the improvement of the student’s potentials.

Among the foremost primary school marching bands in Indonesia is the GSB “Gita Swara Besuki” Marching Band, the school ‘s most popular extra- curricular activity, which practices on Friday from 14.00 – 16.00 hrs.


”Buku Jendela Dunia” (Books are Windows of the World), is the school library built entirely by the School Committee through collective fundraising efforts of the parents and the surrounding communities.

The increasing number of Indonesian and English books together with computers and other technical equipments have all been donated voluntarily, notwithstanding the routine management and operation expenses.

The SDNP MENTENG 01 library has earned the predicate of a model primary school library, enhancing the personal and intellectual development of the students.


One of the five state principles (“ Pancasila”) is the freedom of worship. The country’s predominantly Moslem religion can also be seen throughout the numerous Mosques
The Musholla (Moslem Prayer Room) in SDNP Menteng 01, was planned and constructed entirely under the School Committee by the parents and the community members. The DKI Jakarta Vice Governor for Social Affairs officiated the ”mush olla” last June 27, 2003.
Meanwhile, for the Christians students, the school provides a special room for conducting prayers and teachings.


The daily variety of natural health products is presented in children’s portions, without any added preservatives.
Managed under the School Committee’s medical section by the medical doctor parents, the students are also given special instructions through the ”junior” doctors program

Health, hygienic and sanitation being of prime concern, one of the services under the cooperative and supervision of The School Committee is the School Canteen, providing balanced freshly-made food and fresh fruit juices.

The daily variety of natural health products is presented in children’s portions, without any added preservatives

1. In conducting their lessons and teaching materials, the teacher should not overlap each other.

2. Daily morning briefing is to be conducted among the Principal and the teachers.

3. Optimizing the potentials and the talents of the students.

4. Comparatively, the school can be regarded as a factory producing a highly –demanded consumer product.

5. Marketing the school through the activities and the achievements.

6. Giving accountability to the society, especially, as a model school of popular demand, nationality.

7. Upholding the close cooperation between the parents, the communities, and the society with the school.


Each class comprises of 40 students, totaling to 474 students during the 2006 – 2007 school year. The majority coming from a middle class upward society, many students are still seem accompanied by their mother, drivers or baby sitters during commutation as the children often live a bit far from the school-patiently, these have to wait outside the school grounds.
Established in 1934 as a Dutch Primary School, SDNP Menteng 01 proudly accommodates many second and third generation students, and is often visited for nostalgia by Dutch Descendants as well as Indonesians.

A public school under the department Of Education Of the Republic of Indonesia, and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Education Office, The limited budget allocated to SDNP Menteng 01 is thus greatly supported by funds and Efforts of the active School Committee comprising of not only teachers and parents but also foremost figures in the communities and society, all in the interest of quality and equity in Education.

As one of the popular model school in Indonesia, SDNP Menteng 01 together with the school committee believes in solid planning and strong discipline in maintaining the school ‘s highly recognized standard and position, nationally as well as in the international globalization of the word. Communication with the committee of SDNP Menteng 01 at the email:

Throughout the years, SDNP Menteng 01 outstandingly achieved numerous awards and trophies, a clear distinction of the qualified standards nationally recognized of the school and the students.

Lining the hall, are hundreds of trophies and awards together with the school bulletin presenting the activities in regularly news and photographs.

The year 2006, include the following achievements:

· The Third Rank as participant of Science Olympiad on Jakarta province level

· The First Winner on Festival Of Student Competence on Jakarta province level

· The Third Winner on Festival OF Student Competence on national level

The overall, general winner of the LOKETA (Competition in activities of Religion) in sub districts (September 5 ,2006)


In 2007, Menteng 01 Primary School has already commenced a homestay program with Gibbs Street Primary School in Australia which joined students from primary 5-6

This program offer important culture relationship and understanding.

The student of Menteng 01 Primary School participated in regular classroom and also performed on assembly item at Gibbs Street Primary School.


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