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04 April 2010

SD UASBN 4-6 May 2010

After the National Examination (UN) for junior high school students (SMP) ended on Thursday (1/4/2010), then stay the implementation of the exam for elementary school graduation (SD). National Standard School Final Examination (UASBN) will be held on 4-6 May.

Member of National Education Standards Agency (BSNP) Teuku Ramli Zakaria said, the plan will be followed by the 4,428,797 participants throughout Indonesia. "However, unlike high school, elementary school graduation submitted to the school," he said in a press statement in Kemdiknas, Thursday (1/4/2010).

This, more Ramli, because SD is still included in the Compulsory Education program (naturally) so it can not be generalized across regions. Therefore, it was handed over to the provinces operate. The proportion of matter dominated by the problems of the region. Approximately 75 percent of the 50 questions UASBN will be made by the regions, while the other 25 percent are made by the center and will be sent to the area. "Because of his own area who know the standard region," he said.

Meanwhile, Ramli also said, the whole area claimed was ready to hold UASBN operate even though the time is still long. "In the area I visited, for example, in Batam have been printed matter. Stay distributed to regions and schools," he said.


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