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15 December 2008

UASBN 2009

The certainty of implementation of the exam for elementary level yesterday socialized. This year, the elementary school still called berstandar the national exam (UASBN) and has not been changed to the National Examination (UN). However, there is a possibility of determining graduation students will no longer be submitted to each school, but there is a minimum standard of students. When this standard is still digodok National Education Standards Agency (BSNP). "Most likely the students of elementary schools no longer be submitted. But there are standards to determine whether students pass or not stated. When this standard is still digodok BSNP, "said Kasi Facilities Facility Basic Education Department of Education Suwarjana SE MM Malang, Malang to the Post. 
As known, a UN discourse UASBN had exhale. Of elementary school students will be made with the same weight and junior high school student, with the test material berstandar national, and with a minimum graduation standard, which is determined BSNP. Apparently, the test is not the name was changed, but the determination of graduation. What will be the school or have standards such as UN. However, not be the standard set for the primary, if the standard junior and senior high school, can be the same standard 5.5. This concept is that, according to Suwarjana is still covered in BSNP. 

Other things that have been decided, according to Jana, among UASBN about the certainty of execution, which will be held in early May. Subjects tested with the same number of years ago the three subjects, consisting of Mathematics, English, and IPA. 

"With this initial information, we expect schools to prepare their students as well as possible. So graduation in elementary school can remain 100 percent as in previous years, "specifically. 

Government is also to encourage all schools to immediately make a collection of early applicants UASBN. He hopes, the cooperation between parents and schools in the case of this collection. If necessary, parents bring children to the birth certificate showing the name and identity of the right of the child. So when the certificate, the name is written correctly. Delivery data applicants UASBN SD is expected to be collected before the upcoming November 12. (oci / Udi) 
(Lailatul Rosida / malangpost)


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