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Thanks be to God praise that Exercise Problem UASBN SD / MI Package II we publish. All of UASBN lesson that you can already see (Math, Indonesia Language, and IPA, please enter here go to Prediksi Soal UASBN 2011, 5 Packages and please download Kisi-kisi UN 2011 here and POS UN SD 2011

21 December 2008

Lattice UAN 2009 also finally come!

Lattice UAN 2009 also finally come!
Alhamdulillah lattice National Testing has been published by the Education Ministry, around the 15th of December 2009. We'll show the grid to this before you, and you can download (mengunduhnya) in the right sidebar you. Do by clicking the link or right-click "open new window" for your Internet Explorer users. You can also click on the direct link that exists in this article.

Based on an agreement (BSNP, the Ministry of National Education, and Ministry of Religious Affairs), decided the National Testing schedule as follows:

- SMA / MA (20 - 24 April 2009)
- Junior High School (27 - 30 April 2009)
- SD / MI (11 - 13 May 2009)
- CMS / SMALB (20 - 22 April 2009)

For Lattice of National Testing can be downloaded below:
Lattice UN SMA / MA
Testing of the National High School / Madrasah Aliyah (SMA / MA) Subject Year 2008/2009.

Lattice UN Junior High School
Testing of the National Junior High School / Madrasah Tsanawiyah / Junior High School Extraordinary (SMP / MTS / SMPLB), High School Extraordinary (SMALB), Secondary and Vocational School (SMK) Subject Year 2008/2009.

Lattice UN SD / MI
End of Test Berstandar National School (UASBN) To Primary School / Madrasah Ibtidaiyah / Elementary School Extraordinary (SD / MI / SDLB) Subject Year 2008/2009.

Standard Operating Procedure (POS) implementation of the UN in 2009:
POS UASBN for SD / MI / SDLB Subject Year 2008/2009
POS UN TO Junior High School, SMPLB, SMALB, and SMK Subject Year 2008/2009
POS UN SMA / MA Subject Year 2008/2009


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